Duby is a space explorer, a disk scanner to show why your newly bought huge hard disk is already full. You never suspected your music folder to be that big.

Duby helps you find what takes the most space on your disk, visually, with a nice representation of your space as a pie, with files and directories acting as slices of that pie. The bigger the slice is, the bigger the file is.


I am pretty sure the picture speaks for itself.

A shot from the latest (v0.6) version. A huge speed-up, and some minor changes. One color theme is supposed to show "newest" files with strong colors, but I have problems with the times functions and as I often get Epoch as a result, the resulting colors are not very useful. I am still working on it.

How to read the graph ?

The center of the pie represents the parent directory. Each ring starting from the center represents one layer down, that is, the smallest ring represents the contents of the current directory. The second ring represents the contents of sub-directories. Note that directories are represented twice the size of files (think radius), allowing you to distinguish files from directories with a glance. The angular size of each part represents the relative size of the file or the directory with respect to the current directory. For example, is one part of the graph is taking one half of the pie, the corresponding file or directory's size is half of the current directory.


First, click scan to scan the current directory (or type in the directory you want to see in the left text area). Then, wait for a moment (on huge file systems - > one tera over network - the scan took on my machine up to five minutes).

Once the graph is ready :

Why Duby ?

I always wanted to have such program, and while Filelight is a kick-ass nice-looking app, I do not use QT nor KDE (life is a succession of stupid choices, I know), so I decided it could be the time for me to get dirty with Ruby, and I try to mimic what I could guess of Filelight from the screenshots. Obviously, the path is still long before Duby matches filelight, but playing with Ruby is nice, and I did not think that Ruby/GTK2 was so easy.

Duby comes from du, the disk usage utility under linux, and I am sure you already got the pun.


In its infant stages (v0.1), Duby required gtk2, rubygems, and gruff to work. I hacked so much the pie class of gruff (v0.2), I thought I could do without, so I started looking at other librairies. My choice ended on rcairo, and, starting from v0.3, Duby requires gtk2 with cairo bindings.


You can get the latest files from the project page.

What to do next


Duby is released under the GPL2.

Duby is hosted on Rubyforge.


...Take back your space